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USA Senate To Ban Animal Testing

Animal Testing Bill before USA Senate

From a press release from the Personal Care Products Council of the USA:

This legislation would bring U.S. cosmetic policy in line with nearly 40 countries that have already implemented bans on animal testing and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics.
Of the 13 biggest importers of American cosmetics, 8 countries have bans in place or legislation under consideration. In order to continue selling their products overseas, U.S. cosmetic companies must already use non-animal test methods to assess safety of their products.
These alternative methods provide data that is more relevant to human exposure and can offer considerable savings for companies. In addition, thousands of existing cosmetic ingredients with histories of safe use allow nearly 600 cruelty-free companies in North America to innovate while remaining true to their values, and a growing number of proven, non-animal tests are becoming available each year.
Specifically, the bill would:
Make it unlawful to knowingly conduct or contract for cosmetic animal testing that occurs in the United States beginning one year after the law is enacted, and
Make it unlawful to sell or knowingly transport any cosmetic products in the U.S. that were developed using cosmetic animal testing ordered by any person in the product’s supply chain starting one year after the law is enacted.
Exceptions to this law include special safety concerns as approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, foreign requirements, drugs used in cosmetics products, and dual-use ingredients.
The Humane Cosmetics Act is endorsed by over 250 companies, the Humane Society of The United States, Cruelty Free International, and the Personal Care Products Council.
Cruelty Free International CEO Michelle Thew said: We applaud this renewed effort to bring an end to animal testing for cosmetics across the United States. This bill will match the progress that we are seeing around the world as consumers, companies, regulators and advocates come together to achieve the common goal of ensuring that animals will no longer suffer for the sake of cosmetics anywhere.
Personal Care Products Council President and CEO Lezlee Westine said: For nearly four decades, beauty companies have been at the forefront in reducing the use of animals in product safety testing. We are proud to support the Humane Cosmetics Act that takes us closer to eliminating new cosmetics animal testing and promoting recognition and acceptance of alternative approaches.
Sara Amundson, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund said: Some thirty years in the making, the partnership between the Humane Society Legislative Fund and Personal Care Products Council to support the Humane Cosmetics Act is a remarkable milestone in the fight to end new animal testing for cosmetics. We applaud the strong bipartisanship leadership of the bill by Senators Martha McSally, Cory Booker, Rob Portman and Sheldon Whitehouse. Passage of the Act will place the United States at the centre of a worldwide shift from animal testing to cruelty-free methodologies for assuring the safety of cosmetics.